How to Help

Anyone that knew Jackson knew how much he cared about Younglife. Jackson invested a ton of his time being at club, going to camps, and mentoring his group of high school guys. Because it was so important to him, it seems only fitting that this hike support it in some way. So, if you want to, feel free to donate however much you want! There’s no pressure at all. Any money raised will go directly to Lake Travis and Lake Highlands Younglife.

If you wish to help, please follow this link:

Here are some suggested amounts:

$26 - 1¢ per mile

$53 - 2¢ per mile 

$132 - 5¢ per mile 

$265 - 10¢ per mile 

$662 - 25¢ per mile 

$1,325 - 50¢ per mile 

$2,650 - $1 per mile